Sunrise | 6:24am

What do you look forward to?

This photo was when I was leaving Seattle to make my way back to LA. I went to Seattle as a last minute vacation to completely act like a tourist and enjoy the city. Having lived there for a couple years didn’t seem to stop me at all.

I went and enjoyed every single aspect of the trip I could. I was taking pictures left and right and trying to make the most of it. The whole trip itself was a breath of fresh air. Staying in LA I was suffocating and felt like everyday was exactly the same. A different perspective and change of pace are sometimes needed.

While on the trip back to LA I could’ve just fell asleep and just enjoyed the sleep. Then there is the opportunity to just take a couple minutes to take a picture like this. Why must I stop myself from having an avenue to express my creativity and just appreciate the beauty in every day things.

This blog is in turn more than just a way for me to express my views or rant. Its a reminder for me to take some time and appreciate the beauty in everyday. There are things that we take for granted every single day and maybe this will help me slow down and really just pay attention to beauty everywhere..



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