Energy | 1:27am


I’m technically writing this excerpt like 2 days late after I’ve posted up the image on my IG. Don’t really care as long as I feel like I take the time to write it down.

I feel like the images I put up as the featured image gets degraded or the quality in it drops quite a bit… But this is just to explain and an avenue for me to try and be creative so who cares I guess haha.

Honestly I want to type out quite a bit when it comes to this night.. Wow did I have one hell of a night watching seven lions and just enjoying the music. Lately when I just listen to music I try to understand what the person was thinking or feeling. Trying to figure out the reasoning behind every day things.

That’s sort of one of the reasons I started this wordpress with the addition to my photos. Trying to explain and maybe shed some light on what I felt. A glorified diary if you will..

This night though.. I was on too many substances to really enjoy it sober, but I feel like these are the types of events you go to, to not be sober. Everyone has a different view on these things and that’s an interesting part of it as well.

On Shibui I was trying not to use dark tones but then again I really don’t care. I was going to keep pushing forward only using brighter photos, but then again I can’t show everyday life or my views without ever showing dark photos. I feel like I’m a guy who dwells more in the dark. I try to find the light or positive in everyday things.



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