Clarity | 10:53am

This beach/park used to be one of my all time favorite places to come to and think. A lot of people tend to come out here now compared to when I did.

In the morning or when the sun was setting it was a great place to just drive to, and then walk along to think to yourself. There’s this beauty about going and staring at the ocean.. I can’t explain it myself, but when you look at the ocean you feel small. When you see how small you are, it helps you look at your problems through another perspective.

I imagine sitting there and contemplating or just having questions on your mind. While thinking I feel a clarity can come. I go to the beach at night to just sit down and relax and think.

Sometimes life gets hard and you need some form of escape. The escape can come through hobbies or maybe just a place where you find peace. Everyone is different and I feel its important that everyone finds it. Try to keep your mind at peace while the chaos of the world attempts to corrupt it.



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