Flock | 8:19am

DAY 2!!! Let’s try and keep the momentum going. Even though I might have 0 readers or even just 1. Who cares haha.

When I took this picture I was pretty far back and had to utilize my zoom a bit but I tried to keep it under 2x just so it doesn’t become all blurry and have too much noise.

Anyways! have you ever seen like a group of birds all huddled together, and your thought is to like run through them and have them all fly away. You then stand in the middle and look epic. Like the movies haha. I really want to do this one day.. But then again I’m a slight germiphobe so I probably wouldn’t even try to attempt it. All that bacteria and you know “bird flu” non sense. You can tell me I won’t but my mind is made up so PFFT.

For my next image I guess I’ll have to utilize a picture that wasn’t from Seattle. Although Seattle is beautiful and one of my all time favorite cities in the US. I’ll come back to my stockpile later on.




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