Bloom | 1:46pm

Here goes nothing..

I decided to start a blog, to just put up non sense… It may be what I felt that day, maybe a rant, or to share an experience I had. I really don’t know where I’ll be going with this, but I’ll just go ahead and do it. No harm.. No foul..

The first post will reflect my latest image that I’ve uploaded onto Instagram. I put up a couple pictures before hand but I didn’t get around to making this. So since I’ve made it why the heck not start with this picture.

I’m going to try going for a very simple title. Should be a one word description of the picture or the initial word that comes to mind when I look at the picture. It could be non sense or it could be what I feel when I look at the picture. I also decided to add the time of when the picture was taken. Solely for the fact that I’m going to try to post a picture on this account every single day. I might take pictures of the same thing at a different angle or from a different perspective. It could also be at a different time of day so the focus could be the same but lighting differences and shadow differences.

Hopefully I can stay consistent enough to try and publish something with each image I post which I’m hoping to do everyday. Try to stay committed and consistent with this is my goal, but hey.. Someday’s I might just be way too lazy or tired or some other non sense excuse. Haha! Whelp here’s to the first and hopefully not the last~




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